Upcoming releases 2018:

Silver Grime (SWE) – TBA album (Fall 2018)
Black Lotus (SPA) – TBA album (Fall 2018)
Bighate (ITA) – TBA Single (Fall 2018)
A Mournful Path (AU) – TBA EP (Q2/2018)
Dead End Finland (FIN) – 4th Album (2019)

Released in 2018:

REVOLUTIO (ITA) – Vagrant (November 9th 2018)

Tyrant Disciple (FIN) – Weight Of Oblivion (September 7th)

Imperial Domain (SWE) – The Deluge (August 10th)
The Eternal (AU) – Waiting for the Endless Dawn (August 17th)

Event Relentless (FIN) – Event Relentless (July 12th)
Wrestling (FIN) – Surreal Killer (July 6th)
Ratbreed (FIN) – Evoke the Blaze (July 13th)
Rough Grind (FIN) – Trouble or Nothing EP (July 13th)
Skyglow (RUS) – Thousand Years Of Terror (June 30th)
Amanita Virosa (FIN) – Despair Is For The Living (single) (June 28th)
Tyrant Disciple (FIN) – The Great Dead One (Single (June 23rd)
Rough Grind (FIN) – Gilded Cage (Single) (June 20th)
The Eternal (AU) – In the Lilac Dust (single) (June 19th)
Imperial Domain (SWE) – True Face Of War (single) (June 18th)
Fog Light2nd Impression (June 15th)
Skyglow (RUS) – Sacred Self-Deceit (Single) (June 14th)
Dead End Finland (FIN) – Closer To Extinction (Single) (June 14th)
REVOLUTIO (ITA) – Meek and the Bold (June 12th)
Bighate (ITA) – Death Wish (June 11th)
Dead Shape Figure (FIN) – Cacoëthes (June 8th)
Ratbreed (FIN) – Hunting High, Reaping Low (Single) (June 5th)
The Hirvi (FIN)- Old School Killspree ( June 1st)
Dead Shape Figure (FIN) – Bolt Of Chaos & Creation (Single) (May 31st)
Atlas (FIN) – The Catalyst (May 30th)
Dyecrest (FIN) – Are You Not Entertained? (May 25th)
Callidice (FIN) – Anthem For Resistance (May 18th)
Bloody Falls (FIN) – Thanatos (April 27th)
Angertea (HUN) – Geese (at a Hungry Festival) (Single) (April 26th)
Joys Of Wasteland (FIN) – Grab By The Neck (April 26th)
Ratbreed (FIN) – Gates of Underworld (Single) ( April 25th)
Jack 13’s Panzercrow (FIN) – Nightmare Returns (April 20th)
Vile Caliber (FIN) – Willpower (Single) (April 16th)
It Remains (FIN) – We Still Feel (Single) (April 12th)
Blood Region (FIN) – Through the Wolfwoods (April 12th)
Mors Subita (FIN) – Into The Pitch Black (April 6th)
Skein (FIN) – Cartographer (Single) (March 29th)
Nicumo (FIN) – Witch Hunt (Single) (March 27th)
Bloody Falls (FIN) – My Halo Of Flame (Single) (March 26th)
Blood Region (FIN) – Waters Of Tohtaa (Single) (March 23rd)
Mors Subita (FIN) – I, God (Single) (March 22nd)
Atlas (FIN) – Birthright (Single) (March 21st)
Callidice (FIN) – More Than A Bond Of Blood (March 20th)
Hiidenhauta (FIN) – 1695 (March 16th)
Mustan Kuun Lapset (FIN) – Ikaros (March 15th)
Dead End Finland (FIN) – Lifelong Tragedy (March 9th)
Wishing Well (FIN) – Rat Race (March 2nd)
Dyecrest (FIN) – Red Alert (feat. Björn “Speed” Strid from Soilwork (March 1st)
Mors Subita (FIN) – Into The Pitch Black (single) (February 28th)
Hiidenhauta (FIN) – Nälkäkevät (single) (February 27th)
Black Dreams (Fin) – Kiss the Gun (February 22nd)
Verikalpa (FIN) – Taistelutahto (February 16th)
Wishing Well (FIN) – Children Of Paradise (February 13th)
Obscure (FIN) – Zero Dawn (February 8th)
Hiidenhauta (FIN) – Hallan Valta (single) (February 7th)
Hautajaisyö (FIN) – Matkalla Kohti Hautaa (February 2nd)
Jack 13’s Panzercrow (FIN) – Unplugged Of The Dead (February 2nd)
Dark Archive (FIN) – Cultivate Our Blood On Aeon (January 31st)
Vinide (FIN) – Reveal (January 26th )
Mors Subita (FIN) – As Humanity Weeps (January 25th)
Menore (FIN) – Until We Die (January 24th)
Vinide (FIN) – The Bombs (Single) (January 18th)
Blood Region (FIN) – Via Dolorosa (single) January 17th)
Wyrmwoods (FIN) – Earth Made Flesh (January 15th)
Khiral (FIN) – Chained (January 12th)